Aphrodite Jones-Michael Jackson Conspiracy – The O’Reilly Factor – Interview

Michael Jackson Conspiracy – The O’Reilly Factor – Interview

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Ecco la versione scritta dell’intervista

2007-07-08 Fox Channel
Host: The media cirucus surrounding the trial may be a distant memory, but one reporter is breaking the silence with what she calls a conspiracy to convict an innocent man. She rescently spoke with bill..

-clip of MJ signing autographs, fans chanting his name-

Bill: (sneering) What’s the book about?

Aphrodite: The media already decided he was guilty without a trial based on the past allegations. That’s all they were – allegations.

B: Part of that media was you.

A: I was. Absolutley, I’m the first to admit it. We as media already decided he was guilty. What is wrong with America..?

B: Was he innocent?

(MJ clip – I would slit my wrists before hurting a child)

B: Well he was found not guilty, that doens’t mean innocent.

A: He was innocent. If you look at book – we didnt’ cover trial, we covered the man – pajama day, celebs coming in and out. We didnt cover the trial.

B: You were there in the trial thinking he was guilty as sin. You were in the trial.

A: I was in a past mentality.

B: (sneering) You were hypnotized.

A: (knows he’s teasing) I was.

B: You had preconcieved notion.

A: I wanted to follow the crowd.

B: When were you surprised? When was the epiphany?

A: When I saw the court order evidence. I was in the basement of the court and saw the orignal tape of the accuser giving his confession to the tape. I watched it twice to back it up. This kid was lying.

B: You knew how?

A: By what he said. I dont want to say here on the news.

B: So when you looked at evidence…

A: He was 13 and said he doesn’t know what his sexuality is, it doesn’t make sense.

B: So this was bogus.

A: The kid admited ……..on stand

B: So you don’t think MJ’s a pedophile?

A: He’s misunderstood, can’t deal with adult world because he’s never had to.

B: So he’s not a pedophile.

A: No. I really don’t think so.

B: Where is he?

A: In Las Vegas, he travels the world, he just made 10 mill at party in london.

B: He needs the money..?

A: His finances are skewed by media outlets. Whether he has financing or not, he still owns half of Sony worth 1 billion, upwards to 2 billion.

B: I wouldnt let him babysit my kids. I mean with all due respect. Would you let him babysit yours?

A: Yes, absolutely. I don’t have any kids but if I did yes I’d let him babysit my kids.

B: Get the book on amazon.

A: Thanks for having me.

Thnx to: Jacksonaction.com


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