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Chat con Aphrodite Jones

MJSN Chat  with Aphrodite Jones, author of the book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”

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AphroditeJones: I’m here – – can anyone read this?

Admin: Yes! Hello! So, let’s start 🙂

AphroditeJones: Let’s talk about Michael!

Miri: Hi Ms. Jones! Nice to meet you! I would like to know: What was it in the first place that made you want to write this book?

AphroditeJones: I wrote this book because I realized that Michael was being “used” by the media.

Dutchie: Hello Ms. Jones, I hope you’re well. I would like to ask you: Why are you speaking up NOW, and why didn’t you speak up when it really mattered?

AphroditeJones: I needed time to process this — and to find the guts to go up against the media. Also – -I didn’t think MJ was innocent until after the trial ended!

StarTrader: What was the one piece of evidence, you found whilst investigating this case, that really made you believe in Michael’s innocence (and made you change your mind)?

AphroditeJones: I looked at the police tape that Gavin Arvizo (accuser) did with the police. The kid told the police he didn’t know what an ejaculation was… he was age 13 at the time. Gavin, at age 13, was also being very “careful” in all of his answers to police. It seemed like he was almost scripted.

MJMia: I would like to know: Do you now sympathize with MJ after you realized he is innocent?

AphroditeJones: I totally sympathize with MJ — he has been put through hell and back again — all because people want money!

sabine: Hi Mrs. Jones, during the trial I’ve gotten the impression, that some media-people who tried to bring a fair coverage were forced back into the line, e.g. Geraldo Rivera (who mentioned something like that himself) and Jane Valez-Mitchel (who appeared changed after seeing Michael in court and changed after that again – back into the line). Can you confirm this? Have you experienced something of that kind yourself? Or do you have information about something like that?

AphroditeJones: Media people were not put “in the back of the line” at all — but they followed a trend. That was clear. Some people just couldn’t think for themselves anymore. I would say that, yes, I was one of those people. I was not “thinking” fairly. I was on one track – and I followed what everyone else was doing. A really dangerous trend in the media today!

AphroditeJones: Sorry, my writing is with mistakes, I’m not used to doing this — never did a web chat before!

AphroditeJones: HAS ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO GET THE BOOK FROM BARNES & NOBLE.COM? Has anyone seen the Jordie Chandler “bombshell” we posted on my web site? I want people to check my web site out and see what I write about June Chandler (which comes from the book). There’s enough evidence to suggest that the Chandlers also set Michael up, and he got really bad advice to ever settle with them at all.

MikeFan: Mrs. Jones have you met Michael and talked with him about the case?

AphroditeJones: I met Michael once — he said “hi” — that was it.

Dutchie: I’d like to know how the way fans supported Michael came across to you, and what you thought of it- really. I would like to add , being in the courthouse myself, that it hurt to see the media sitting there knowing they were going to plain out lie about what went on in there. We as fans knew the truth and having to read the lies and fabrications was quite hurtful. I’d also like your thoughts on that.

AphroditeJones: About the fans at the courthouse, the media was “tolerant” of fans – and not really interested in what they had to say. That was wrong. But I was also guilty of that — until the day that I went to the gates of Neverland. To repeat — the media people who “changed their minds” about MJ’s guilt — were never told what to say. The media doesn’t work that way. With the media, it’s more like osmosis. People take someone’s lead – -then they run with it. If their view isn’t popular, they might hide.

AphroditeJones: Has anyone out there read the book yet????????

Dutchie: Nope, haven’t read it yet. Send me a copy haha.

TSCM: Yes, I have read it.

Admin: You can buy it now, Dutchie

MJMia: Where can we buy it from?

Admin: You can buy it i.e. on amazon.com

Natalia: Mrs Jones what did you think about Chandler as you saw her in court?

AphroditeJones: There’s enough evidence to suggest that the Chandlers also set Michael up, and he got really bad advice to ever settle with them at all.

Dutchie: Ms. Jones, I wonder though, the media is not stupid. I mean, I hope they aren’t. Then why blindly follow someone’s lead even if you know it’s wrong? What happened to doing the right thing and going after the truth?

AphroditeJones: People really thought MJ was guilty. They weren’t looking at the facts. That’s the truth!

dancinmachine: How are you Mrs Jones…after reading the Chandler Bombshell….and after knowing other things about that….I was wondering and thinking….why doesn’t this come out why don’t people speak about those things….

AphroditeJones: People are starting to talk about the problems with the Chandlers – -especially now that Jordie says his father “threatened his life” or something to that effect.

Eddie: Mrs, do you like Michael’s music?

AphroditeJones: I LOVE Michael’s music – grew up on it – always have it in my head these days!

mjacksonNET: Miss. Jones. First of all thank you very much for joining us for this special chat. We really appreciate this. Thank you. Our Question: What do you think, how important was it for the trial and the verdict that stars like Macaulay Culkin took part in defending MJ?

AphroditeJones: About celebs who defended MJ — very important to the jury — but ignored by the media — go figure? We’re in our last five minutes – any last questions for now?

gitana: Why do you think, people thought he’s guilty? Why did you think, he’s guilty? (Espec. as you say, you like his music. I mean, if he’s guilty, all the songs should be lies. And they aren’t.)

AphroditeJones: I, like many other people, thought the Chandler settlement made him look guilty.

sophiemj: Mrs Jones nice to meet you! We, the fans, esp. in Greece, want to translate your book for free to spread the news – is that possible?

AphroditeJones: I would love this to get into every language — I grew up in Greece (my summers were spent there) as a kid. Anyone who has ideas about how to get this book published in their native language, please let us know!

StarTrader: What’s your favourite MJ song?

AphroditeJones: Favorite song is “I’ll be there”

Doodoofan: Mrs Jones, I live in New Zealand, is there anyway I can purchase the book???

AphroditeJones: Yes – order it on Amazon.com!

Eddie: Why did u think MJ was guilty before the trial? I mean u said that u have supported him all ur life.

AphroditeJones: I supported his music and talent – that had nothing to do with what I thought of his lifestyle.

AphroditeJones: It’s time for me to run. Please check out http://www.aphroditejones.com for updates. Also know that I did a HUGE book signing to benefit the Boys and Girls Club in Florida last night — and the kids were there — loving Michael!

Miri: So, maybe as a last word: What would you like the world to know and what would you like to say to the fans!

AphroditeJones: Remember – -Michael helps kids — he loves kids — that’s the truth — that is the word we need to spread! xxxxxxxxxxx AJ

Miri: Thanx for joining us and taking your time, Ms Jones! Good luck with the book and we hope that the word about it will spread! All the best to you!

AphroditeJones: I want to thank all of YOU for supporting Michael. YOU ROCK! Bye Bye — everyone — for now! WE’LL TALK AFTER YOU GUYS HAVE READ THE BOOK — I promise. Love you — more!

Admin: Thanks for joining us, Ms. Jones. Good bye.

second part


MJSNmod1: Hi guys! First of all: welcome everybody, welcome Ms Jones! A few words before we get started!

AphroditeJones: Hi!

Admin: Welcome back, Ms. Jones!

Doodoofan: hehe we were just talking about your book!

MJSNmod1: The chat will have three parts. In the first part the moderator (ME!;)) will ask Ms. Jones several questions from the last chat which were not answered then due to the large participation. You will not be able to write anything yourself at that time.

MJSNmod1: The second part is your chance to ask your questions. We will TRY to leave the chat open for everyone because it worked out wonderful for the Jochen Ebmeier Chat, but that means everyone has to behave and only ask new questions when others are answered. If it’s getting chaotic, we will close the chat and get back to only the moderator being able to ask questions.

MJSNmod1: For the third part we will definitely leave the chat open, because Ms. Jones would love to know what you think about the book, what were your thoughts when you read it, what would you like to tell the author!? Please keep your criticism constructive!

MJSNmod1: Alright??? Let’s get started!

MJSNmod1: Question by StarTrader & sabine: “Why does the media portray Michael in such a negative light? Is it because of his wealth, power and status? Why did they tear down such a legendary man? Why were those media people unable to think for themselves? They usually do think, I assume. What is so different with Michael?”

AphroditeJones: Thank you!

AphroditeJones: Michael is a trail-blazer. Anytime a star becomes bigger than all other stars — they become a target. In Michael’s case, because of his lifestyle choices, it’s even more tempting for media to intrude.

MJSNmod1: Question by Vaxil & strawberrymj: “How did you get access to files/other information you used and how did you get in contact with Mr. Mesereau?”

AphroditeJones: I have been writing true crime books (best sellers) for 17 years. I knew MEZ from previous cases I’d covered, including Robert Blake’s murder case. I asked him to trust me, and he is! He trusts me!

MJSNmod1: Question by Kerstin: “First allegations and war in Iraq. 2003: second allegations and war in Iraq, Operation Iron Hammer ends the day of the Neverland search, allegations of torture in Abu Ghraib prison began to surface. Is Michael more than an artist, persona or “freak”? Some people see the allegations as a means to turn the attention away from political issues because the trial overshadowed all other news – Too far-fetched or within the realms of possibility?”

AphroditeJones: You are right — any celeb “info” turns people’s minds off “bad news” and MJ is a prime example – though not the only one!

MJSNmod1: Question by Lucky: “What was the reaction of your family, friends and colleagues when you told them about your book and your findings?”

AphroditeJones: Friends and family did not believe me at first. They thought I was joking. Then I actually spent more time on this book than on any book I’ve ever written — so they knew I was very serious and they are curious to find out the truth about Michael.

MJSNmod1: Last question before everyone else can ask! Question by Maike: “What would the Aphrodite Jones now tell the Aphrodite Jones from three years ago?”

AphroditeJones: I’d say: Don’t throw stones at others — because you live in a glass house. I’d also say — don’t make a judgement call based on what you THINK you know — when you’re not really 100% sure!

MJSNmod1: That’s nice!:) Ok, guys, your questions. But please: One after the other!

Admin: @all: tnx for your patience

gilesmic: You’ve only included testimony and accounts of a handful of witnesses in your book. How did you decide which witnesses to include and which to exclude? Were you trying to stay to a certain page number, not get too long?

AphroditeJones: NO — I made a decision. First of all — the police was BORING. Secondly — since the media had only presented the prosecution’s case, I decided it was time to present Michael’s case — so that’s what I did!

Doodoofan: After all you learned about Michael, what would you most like the world to know about him?

AphroditeJones: He is a sweet soul — really and truly. He wants to entertain people and give people a sense of joy and fun. His greatest joy is his fans and being on stage. He loves children FOR REAL — and he’s a real kid at heart.

AphroditeJones: He has a white light around him 🙂

mjrules: Has Michael been in touch with you (or vice versa)? If not, do you plan to try and get in touch with him?

AphroditeJones: I JUST sent Michael the book today! It took me a while to figure out how to get to him — but I think he will read it – I pray he does!

mjrules: ? That’s nice. I think he will 🙂

jfitz: Hello Ms. Jones, have you looked into the allegations of 93 (Chandlers) and do you still think MJ is guilty of that case? And what did you think of Jason’s testimony?

AphroditeJones: I think the Chandlers are liars and were looking for a cash pay out — I really do. As for Jason — he only got tickled – for goodness sake! What a big deal this kid made about nothing! He got paid money when he should have gotten absolutely nothing!

Alice: You said u sent the book to Michael. Are u in contact with Raymone?

AphroditeJones: Yes — I called Raymone. I’ve had her number all this time (since the trial) but today was the day I picked up the phone and called her!

gilesmic: Have you followed the current lawsuit that Jordan Chandler has against Evan Chandler, and do you think the attack Jordan alleges Evan made against him had anything to do with Michael’s trial?

AphroditeJones: I think they (Chandlers) all deserve each other. They allege all kinds of things and are a bunch of grifters and people who don’t deserve public spotlight. They tried to get into movies — off MJ’s good will, and when that didn’t happen -=- allegations started.

StarTrader: I heard today that the book is going to be made available in US stores, is that true?

AphroditeJones: YES! It will be in Barnes & Noble book stores as of September!

mjrules: What about UK stores?

AphroditeJones: NOT YET — but we’re working on it.

gilesmic: All B&N stores, or just a few?

AphroditeJones: I’m not sure how many stores — probably not all B&N stores — just KEY stores – we’re still figuring it out.

StarTrader: Are you going to be doing anymore televised interviews?

StarTrader: I saw you on Bill O Reilly, you were good considering he’s *expletives here*

AphroditeJones: I have no plans for more TV interviews because I can’t get the media to pay attention to this book. I will be doing some radio.

jfitz: Do you think that Jordan or Gavin will ever admit the truth?

AphroditeJones: NEVER EVER

TSCM: Hi Aphrodite, I’m a little late getting here so apologies if this question had been asked previously. Do you feel that the Arvizos may still be fixing to file a civil suit against Michael Jackson before the statute of limitations is up? And if so, would Mesereau again be the one representing Michael?

AphroditeJones: They can’t file a civil suit — they lost in criminal court and would be laughed out of any lawyer’s office!

mjrules: I heard you on the radio. Your impression of Martin Bashir was SPOT ON!

AphroditeJones: Bashir is a user — and he will get HIS one fine day.

StarTrader: Have you ever spoken to Bashir? Why did he do that?

AphroditeJones: Never spoke to Bashir — don’t ever want to speak to the likes of him. He’s been reported in the UK for “unfair journalistic” practices and that says it all — I wish MJ had known that!

gilesmic: Speaking of radio shows, you mentioned in the Air American’s show that you included “portions” of the Bashir outtakes in the book, so I was wondering if what is in the book is ALL of the outtakes shown in court or if there is some you did not include, if so, what was not included and why?

AphroditeJones: I originally included all the outtakes — but the attorney looking at my manuscript said I quoted MJ too much and it was “copyright infringement”, so I had to cut everything back and also summarize what MJ said and use very few actual quotes.

StarTrader: Oh 😦 I would love to see the parts of the Bashir interview that was only shown in court! Would it be possible for you to upload the transcript on to your website?

StarTrader: Or does the same ruling apply?

AphroditeJones: I don’t think I can unless MJ gives me permission. I DO have it all transcribed — took me 3 solid days to do it and I type fast!

Kerstin: You said in your blog that you had been told “no” by many people. Some were maybe understandable, with others I wondered why, as they had been huge MJ supporters. Do you know why they said no?

StarTrader: Yes, e.g. Steve Harvey

AphroditeJones: Tavis Smiley said it was “too tabloid”, whatever that means. The others — Steve Harvey and the like — have had no “reason”. They just did not return our calls or letters.

Doodoofan: There are rumors Michael is making a comeback soon, do you see him being able to make a successful return to music, or do you think he will always be tainted, because of what happened to him?

AphroditeJones: HE IS making a comeback — I can feel it – and Raymone confirmed that to me today. I believe her. Also — I believe in Michael’s genius — no one can hold that down.

jfitz: Do you think Bashir was paid or told to twist the footage against Michael? There are fans who think there is a big conspiracy to destroy MJ. What are your thoughts on that?

AphroditeJones: There IS a conspiracy to destroy MJ because it means “BIG BUCKS” to take down a superstar. On the other hand, Bashir did what he did for his OWN benefit, that’s my personal opinion

StarTrader: YES, Especially within the music industry and the fact that he holds the Beatles catalogue and his ownership rights of Sony ATV etc.

jfitz: Is the BIG BUCKS spelled Sony/ATV Catalogue?

AphroditeJones: Yes — people are jealous of MJ because he made one of the smartest deals in the music biz.

Smile1982: What would Bashir benefit by portraying MJ as a bad parent and a lunatic?

AphroditeJones: I don’t think Bashir cared about SONY — Bashir cares about one thing: Bashir!

Miri: Do you feel like the book has done damage to your journalistic reputation?

AphroditeJones: Absolutely, I don’t think telling the truth can EVER destroy anyone’s reputation. People can laugh or pick on me, but they really haven’t!

Smile1982: Aphrodite: before the trial, how did you feel about Michael Jackson?

AphroditeJones: I have always loved MJ’s music — I wasn’t sure about his lifestyle. I believed all the negative press and thought the settlement made him look guilty.

sabine: You said it in your book and you just said it here again: What do you mean when you say Michael has “white light” around him? Did you experience that in retrospective?

AphroditeJones: I experienced the “white light” when I was in MJ’s presence every day of those 5 months. He has a “high spirit” about him.

StarTrader: Do you think MJ should write another book to tell his side of the story, or a documentary etc.? Or do you think when he finally does make a comeback, ignore it and move on?

AphroditeJones: I don’t think MJ will sit back and take all this bashing — I think he WILL tell his side of the story, about many things!

Smile1982: Why do you think the settlement made him look guilty? It was only a settlement in private court. They didn’t have enough evidence to start a criminal trial at that point. If you ask me, they didn’t have it the 2nd time either, but that’s another story ?

gilesmic: Speaking of the settlement, one of the motions during the trial from the defence seemed to allege that the 93 settlement was made by Michael’s insurance company, without his permission, do you remember reading that and what do you think of it?

AphroditeJones: I am told (by MEZ) that the settlement was not paid by insurance, but was paid by MJ after being given bad advice. I can only go by what Mez told me, that’s the closest source I have to the truth.

Smile1982: gilesmic: now that you mention it, then I think you’re right. I remember hearing that before. That it was the insurance company that kinda forced him to do the settlement.

AphroditeJones: Could be. Mez says MJ paid it, being given really bad advice.

gilesmic: The motion says “The insurance carrier negotiated and paid the settlement, over the protests of Mr. Jackson and his personal legal counsel”.

gilesmic: It was filed by Brian Oxman though, which is what makes me question it, that’s why I asked if you knew anything about it.

rawr: And to add on to that, I remember hearing something about global negligence? Like, a policy most stars have?

TSCM: I do believe that insurance settled the 1993 case, the motion was filed by Mesereau and company and that argument was not refuted by the prosecution, and furthermore when Diane Dimond leaked the settlement documents she even alleged that insurance paid it (but kept those pages private).

AphroditeJones: NO — MEZ told me that document was filed by Oxman, and referred to Insurance, but was not actually correct.

TSCM: Okay, well that’s interesting.

gilesmic: Okay, that’s what I wondered, thanks for clearing that up Aphrodite! 🙂

StarTrader: All of us on here realise Michael’s innocence, but non-fans and haters always question MJ’s reason to “pay off” in ’93, we know that was a bad move, but many people use that as a way of attacking him, and a sign of his guilt. How can we defend MJ regarding this?

AphroditeJones: The only thing you can tell people — remind them that MJ was worth $200M at the time — and was ready to be worth double and triple that. So $20M seemed like not much $ (at least to greedy advisors who just wanted MJ to work and get paid for doing music and not bother with lawsuits!)

jfitz: Speaking of which, Johnnie Cochran and Feldman were friends, do you think Johnnie had MJ’s best interest at heart?

AphroditeJones: YES — Johnnie was the one who recommended that MJ hire MEZ (it’s in my book!).

mjrules: What era do you think MJ was at his most attractive?

mjrules: Sorry. I have to know, lol

AphroditeJones: I like him in the era where he’s on the cover of my book (love that shot of him best of all).

mjrules: Dangerous?

mjrules: I think it is. Yeah that’s sexy!

gilesmic: Yeah, it’s dangerous on the cover

StarTrader: HaHa

carolynpaige11: Do you think it would be a good move for Michael to make a documentary about his innocence, one that portrays him as he wants it to. Would you be willing to take on a project like that and help him in some sense?

AphroditeJones: I don’t know if MJ would make any doc about his innocence. If he did, I would love to be a part of it. But I think he does not trust anyone — after Bashir – why should he??

Smile1982: I don’t think people will change their mind about MJ no matter how much he explains… unfortunately. I would love if they did though.

gilesmic: smile1982, Aphrodite changed her mind, so others can too 🙂

AphroditeJones: YES — but MJ can speak to the world through his music and dance. That’s all he needs to do!

carolynpaige11: True, but personally I think it would be a good move to get someone like you who knows he’s innocent and try to do that.

jfitz: Believe her. Also — I believe in Michael’s genius — no one can hold that down.

AphroditeJones: Well, I can try — but I think MJ will be camera shy — he’s been attacked for so long — by everyone in the news!

carolynpaige11: I think you should try… I think it might make a lot of people see him in a different light since people rely on TV and news so much as we all know.

AphroditeJones: Again, if MJ wanted it, I would try to do it. But he’s not likely to trust anyone in the media any more. Maybe I’m wrong.

Smile1982: Actually even though Bashir tried so hard to make MJ look bad, a lot of people saw MJ in a different way and didn’t believe all that BS Bashir said.

carolynpaige11: I personally didn’t see MJ in a bad light after the Martin Bashir doc. I thought he was still beautiful and I didn’t believe anything M.B said bad about him.

AphroditeJones: Well, you are not looking at the “sneering” that goes unseen in that doc. Bashir was being calculating — and tried to make MJ look like a bad father and an over indulgent person – especially in that store in Las Vegas!

Smile1982: When you first get to be close to MJ and see what he’s all about, you know that all the BS people say isn’t true.

AphroditeJones: He’s a voice of innocence. That’s what comes across.

jfitz: Since you are a crime writer, would you be interested in investigating the big picture of the conspiracy against Michael? Or are the players TOO BIG aka Rupert Murdoch

AphroditeJones: The players ARE too big — and really — I think it’s more about the “conspiracy” to tear down a star and win ratings — look at all the $$$ they are making from tearing down Britney and all these others like Paris Hilton — trashing stars (or celebs) is what sells.

gilesmic: Yeah, Paris and Britney and Lindsay, they don’t care who they tear down and destroy, as long as it sells ?

jfitz: So you don’t think that MJ is being singled out because he owns the catalogue?

gilesmic: Do you think Michael sometimes brings it on himself? He may not pull the trigger, but sometimes I think he hands the media a loaded gun.

StarTrader: Yes, like admitting to sleeping with kids etc

sabine: He is honest …

Smile1982: MJ got a totally different view on life than most people so sometimes things come out sounding wrong I think.

AphroditeJones: MJ has been known to do things “for attention” — that’s part of show biz. Madonna did the same thing and it got her into some trouble at one time (sex book), but with MJ, I DO think there are people who want to get that SONY catalogue out of his hands — so.. hmmmmmm

Doodoofan: One last question from me…any chance of the book being released in New Zealand?

AphroditeJones: We’re trying to get the book to NZ right now!

Doodoofan: Oh wow, the book is coming to New Zealand!?!?!? OMG!!!

VictoriousMJ: Is the book also in the Netherlands?

AphroditeJones: Not yet — not at all

Admin: The book should be available everywhere using amazon.com.

VictoriousMJ: OK, thanks Admin.

jfitz: Do you think that when MJ comes out with another album, that there might be another “trouble” for MJ?

AphroditeJones: Could very well be — but if his music is ON TOP – it won’t matter. The “trouble” will help his sales!

MJSNmod1: Ok, guys, Ms Jones is a busy woman so we gotta come to an end. Please stop questions and rather let her know what you think about her book!

gilesmic: Book is awesome! 😀 I can’t believe you summarized thousands and thousands of pages of testimony into such a concise and clear book 🙂

TSCM: I have already shared my thoughts and review about your book, it is absolutely the most comprehensive, accurate TRIAL book to date. There is NO tabloid nonsense in it, so I don’t get what people mean when they turn you down for interviews. They should read the book first, then decide to have you on or not!

AphroditeJones: Thank you — I really appreciate that!

Miri: I was amazed how accurate the description of many witnesses were in the book – as I have been to court on some dates myself. Really good job!

Doodoofan: I absolutely love the book…it’s the best book on Michael I have ever read…my favourite part of the book is the excerpts from the outtakes of the M.B interview.

Miri: Yeah, the outtakes are wonderful. Would have been a great loss if they were only known to those in court!

AphroditeJones: The out-take footage is the best. If MJ lets people SEE that — that would be awesome!

carolynpaige11: I think the book is brilliant and even though I haven’t read the book straight through I’ve skipped around and read most of the chapters lol. I respect you for what you’re trying to do for Mr. Jackson.

AphroditeJones: I worked so hard on this book — I thought my head was going to split open!

carolynpaige11: I think you’re really putting Mike in a good light with your book, I wish it was getting more publicity.

jfitz: Aphrodite, I’m your Library person, have you contacted any of the libraries to promote your book?

AphroditeJones: I need to get the book into libraries — any help or suggestions would be great!

gilesmic: You can donate a copy of the book to your local library, everyone.

StarTrader: I actually asked my local library to order it. 😀

StarTrader: They said ok, but it will take a couple of months, and I’d have to pay 3.50 seeing as I’m ordering outside the country, lol.

jfitz: Yes, get the book into the vendors that libraries buy from:

jfitz: Taylor, Ingram

jfitz: We use Ingram, so if you can get Ingram to stock your book, my selectors will order the book…I’ll twist their arm if they don’t lol.

AphroditeJones: I don’t know what is up with Ingram — it’s the biz side of things – I’m not as good there.

Doodoofan: I agree with you Miss Jones…Libraries would be great…in fact I have already contacted my local library here in NZ in regards to the book

Miri: I heard some girl from Sweden, I think, got the book to her library just by asking for it!

AphroditeJones: I will ask Louis to look into the library idea.

Doodoofan: Donate a copy of the book…hey, that’s an idea!

AphroditeJones: Maybe I can donate some books to libraries? I don’t know. I keep donating and I can’t keep doing that endlessly!

TSCM: My library doesn’t allow donated books for some reason, and they only order books from a select list of publishers. Yet, they have several copies of Diane Dimond’s book and most other trashy books, ugh.

AphroditeJones: Well, let’s get to libraries and ASK them to order it — they can get it on amazon.com – no problem!

TSCM: I have, they just claim they can’t find the publisher to order Aphrodite’s book from. They do have some good MJ books too, mixed in with the bad, mostly from the 80’s but still.

AphroditeJones: Well — if the books have to be ordered, and people can order them from Louis or myself, we can ship them to libraries through our pay pal account. That’s one idea.

jfitz: Libraries order books mainly from their contracted vendor.

jfitz: If that vendor has the book in stock, then the librarians can order the book more easily.

TSCM: I will try again this week, but back in early July they still said they couldn’t do anything (I gave them the iUniverse number and everything). Maybe after Barbes & Nobel gets copies it’ll happen!

jfitz: Libraries do not order from Amazon or BN.

Smile1982: Oh but what can be more easy than order books from amazon LOL

jfitz: Libraries can do direct orders from the publisher, but I think it’s harder and there are other requirements to that.

AphroditeJones: Let’s get them to order directly from me?? Possible??

TSCM: I will send them your contact information, Aphrodite. It would also be excellent to get this book circulating in academic libraries at schools and campuses.

StarTrader: When I go to the library I put all the MJ CDs at the front of the rack, haha!

Doodoofan: StarTrader, I do the same when i go to my local music store!

Smile1982: StarTrader: I do that in every music shop I go to! LMAO

mjrules: LMAO StarTrader, same here!

AphroditeJones: We also have post card we can send out to spread the word about the book world wide.

jfitz: And I know TMez did a university where students are learning about law…perhaps you could try debate classes.

StarTrader: Why was Ray Chandler allowed to publish that crock of shit, “All that glitters” ??

AphroditeJones: Anyone can write ANYTHING these days —

gilesmic: Are you giong to do any book signings at any B&N once they get the book?

AphroditeJones: YES — I will sign at a B&N store — as many as possible!

gilesmic: You should do one in the St. Louis area 😀

jfitz: If you send me some books, I’ll give the store manager here at the Dallas library the books…she’s an MJ fan, so she will probably put them in the store LOL

AphroditeJones: Well – -we need to get organized about it — I can’t give to one library and then not give to another. It’s a difficult task.

AphroditeJones: About the library in Dallas — if I hear from a librarian — I usually always reply!

jfitz: If you could get a following of people attending a lecture that you could do at a library, they may let you do it….libraries LOVE traffic.

TSCM: It’s too bad we can’t get Linda D. to release an AP article about the book. There have been so few articles written about it yet.

MJSNmod1: OK, guys, we will end the official chat at this point! Of course you can all stay and chat as long as you want to ;). We’d like to thank Ms Jones for taking her time and giving so many interesting insights! And we’d like to thank YOU! You did wonderful!!!! 🙂 Have a nice day/evening/night, wherever u are! 🙂

AphroditeJones: Thank you — we’re hoping for Japan, China, Italy, and Germany right now!

Doodoofan: Thank you so much Miss Jones, THANK YOU for the book its amazing!!!

CTE: Thank you for this chat from Germany!

gilesmic: Thank you, Aphrodite, for chatting with us all! We appreciate it 😀

TSCM: Thank you for spending over an hour chatting with us, Aphrodite Jones!

AphroditeJones: Thank you all for caring enough about MJ and about the TRUTH — God Bless you all!

jfitz: Yes, thank you ?

mjrules: Thanks Ahprodite!

VictoriousMJ: Thanks!!!!!!!! And thank you 🙂

sunshine: Thank you!!!

Doodoofan: Thank you from New Zealand…we look forward to having the book released here soon! 🙂

carolynpaige11: Thanks for being here and chatting with all of us today 🙂

StarTrader: Yes, thanks 🙂

VictoriousMJ: The Netherlands fans love you Michael Jackson.. and Miss Jones is an Angel too ! ! !

AphroditeJones: OK — folks — I’m going to sign off now, let’s chat again when there’s news!

Smile1982: Thank you from Denmark!

mjrules: Good bye!!

TSCM: Take care.

gilesmic: Thanks Aphrodite, let us know if we can help!

AphroditeJones: Thank you — thank you — shamone!

carolynpaige11: Take Care and keep supporting 🙂

mjrules: Yeah girl, feel the FORCE!

AphroditeJones: I FEEL it!

Fonte: mjsn


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