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Bernard Belle describes how it is to work with Michael Jackson,in an interwiew

Njs4ever: Could you share with us what it was like to work with Michael Jackson? B. Belle: Absolutely. It was, as you can imagine, an amazing experience. Somewhere around early 1991 was when we started with MJ. Mike had rented out the whole studio – this was Larrabee in North Hollywood. It had four studios in there. The smallest one he had turned into a listening office where after he recorded, he could listen. He had the whole room transformed into a more cozy kind of place. He had statues put in, and pictures put in, and these great big loudspeakers. I walked into the listening office thinking it was empty, and there he was, sitting while talking on the phone. I couldn’t believe it. I apologized and I walked back out. But he came out and introduced himself. I introduced myself, and then he said he was a big fan of my work and I couldn’t believe it. I was floored, and I wanted to pass out. I was actually shaking this guy’s hand, and I’d literally grown up listening to his music! It took about ten days for me to adjust to being with him every day. But he made us feel so comfortable. He wanted to take that whole “icon” thing away. He just wanted to be Mike in the studio, and that’s what he was. We ate together, we talked, we laughed, we had a ball, and it was great.

To read the whole interwiew,click here: njs4ever.com

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One comment on “Bernard Belle describes how it is to work with Michael Jackson,in an interwiew

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