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New Petition: In memory of James Bulger

The petition text written by the author of the petition:

I have started this petition in hopes it will get enough signatures for Michael Jackson to consider singing the song “Heal The World” in memory of James Bulger at one of his upcoming London, UK shows. I am also hoping it will bring attention to a very important cause in James’s memory. The signatures collected will be sent to Michael Jackson’s Production company, MJJ Productions before July 2009 when his tour begins. For those unfamiliar with the case, James Bulger was a 2 year old boy that was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by two 10 year old boys in Liverpool, England on February 12th 1993. According to James’s mother Denise, his favorite song was “Heal The World” and James used to dance like Michael Jackson. In 2008 when James would have turned 18 years old, Denise helped start a campaign to open a Red Balloon Learner Centre in Liverpool for children so badly bullied they can no longer attend mainstream school. The school is to be named James Bulger House. Please sign my petition in honour of James Bulger and his family. I would also like to mention that James’s mother Denise will be attending one of Michael Jackson’s concerts this summer so please help make this a reality! Thank you!”


We all hope that everybody will sign it!

Please do it, it’s IMPORTANT!

To sign the petition, CLICK HERE : mjsingsforjamesbulger


Jacko to dedicate ‘Heal the World’ to James Bulger?

A Facebook campaign has been launched to ask Michael Jackon to dedicate a song to murdered Liverpool toddler James Bulger. The ‘Thriller’ singer is due to perform around 20 shows in London’s O2 Arena and a petition has started to try and persuade Jacko to devote ‘Heal the World’ to the memory of James. Tickets for the pop icon’s concert comeback tour sold out in just six hours and many more are fetching more than £1,000 each on Ebay. The creator of the Facebook group is Canadian, Ali Lightfoot. She says she has been profoundly touched by the Bulger story despite living thousands of miles away from Liverpool. And she wants to raise awareness for James’s mother Denise Fergus’s long running charity work by getting 50-year-old Jackson to dedicate a track to her and her son. Campaign creator Ali Lightfoot said: “Although I am a Canadian, I have been so profoundly touched by James Bulger’s story. “So I’ve decided to help raise awareness for his mother, Denise Fergus’s campaign to open a Red balloon Learner Centre in Liverpool. “Since Michael Jackson was James’s favourite singer I thought why not try to get MJ involved somehow and hopefully bring attention to Denise’s cause? “‘Heal The World’ was also James Bulger’s favourite song and it would be such an honour for James’s family if it was dedicated to him. “Denise Fergus and her husband Stuart are in full support of this petition and have even joined my Facebook group. “I would love it if I could help get more signatures to help bring some happiness to Denise’s life after her terrible loss.” James’s mother Denise Fergus has been a life long fan of Michael Jackson and thinks the campaign is a great idea. Denise said: “I have been a fan of Michael since I was a school girl. “I think he is great and a brilliant performer. “‘Heal the World’ was played a James’ funeral and it will always be one of my favourite Michael Jackson songs. “It would be great if Michael could sing it in memory of him, I hope people get involved and sign the petition.”

source: clickliverpool


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