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More infos on Larry Nimmer’s forthcoming documentary

“Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland” is a documentary about the 2005 child molestation trial against Michael Jackson.
Larry Nimmer, who worked as a video producer for Jackson’s defense team during the Santa Maria
trial, produced the video. Using never before seen footage, it reexamines the facts of the case, Michael Jackson’s lifestyle, and the ultimate “not guilty” verdicts.

The never before seen footage includes:

– An inside Tour of Neverland Ranch created for the trial.

– Outtakes of Michael Jackson from a Martin Bashir documentary.

– The Sheriff’s Interview with Jackson’s accuser, 13 year old Gavin Arvizo. He describes how Michael Jackson allegedly molested him.

– The Sheriff’s raid of Neverland Ranch, with over 70 officers, who documented their own thorough search through all of Jackson’s private areas.

– “The Rebuttal Video” shows Jackson’s accuser, along with his mother and siblings, as they describe their lifestyle at Neverland Ranch.
It includes a memorable performance by Janet Arvizo, the accuser’s mother.

– Interviews with Jury Foreman Paul Rodriguez and Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau.

The film looks at the accusations of the accuser and his family. He claimed that he was molested by Michael Jackson on 3-4 occasions and that Jackson forced him to drink alcohol. The entire family also claim that they were held hostage at Neverland Ranch for a period of weeks and not allowed to know the time.

However the film also shows how the accuser and his family had a history of lying for financial benefit. The trial included comments from Jay Leno and Chris Tucker on how they were alarmed by the Arviso family and did not trust them.
The film also shows how the Arviso family manufactured a sexual molestation claim against J.C. Penny’s guards and won a settlement of $152,000 prior to their admitting that they had lied under oath.

The jury ultimately felt the Arvizo’s were lying in their charges against Michael Jackson and found him innocent of all charges.

The film shows Jackson’s need to use “childlike innocence” as inspiration for his performing and songwriting but how it also led to his downfall.
It looks at the role of the press in creating a public perception of Jackson’s “wacko” lifestyle. It looks at the facts behind Jackson’s 1993 financial settlement with an earlier accuser, Jordie Chandler.
And, the video contains highlights of Jackson’s memorable career.

email Larry Nimmer at
if you want to be put on his email list to be notified when a preview of the documentary is posted online.”


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