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This Is It Tour – Rehearsals & Auditions (Michael Jackson & his dancers)



Reports Michael Jackson has skin cancer have been rejected. A doctor claiming to be Jackson’s spokesman, Dr Tohme Tohme, told the New York Daily News the singer was in the “best of health”. “He is great. He’s in perfect health…. He doesn’t have any diseases whatsoever,” the spokesman said. There were reports on Saturday the […]


VIDEO MESSAGE TO MICHAEL I’m announcing to fans of Michael Jackson that I’m asking for “Video Messages to Michael” of 30 seconds or under to include in the “Extras” section of my new DVD documentary “Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland”. I’ll plan on giving a special copy of the DVD, with the messages, […]

Important from the Aeg Staff

Our friend Emma (Co-author of the blog, and co-administrator of themjplace), received this important email from Celena Aponte Dear Emma, Official response below. Best wishes, Celena From Randy Phillips, President & CEO, AEG Live, “We are aware of the allegations which we believe are completely meritless.  Rehearsals have been uninterrupted and continue on schedule.” Thnx so […]

POPCLICK.COM On Jesus Juice &The Crucifixion of the King Of Pop

I don’t know whether Michael Jackson is guilty. But I do know that if I were a juror, I would vote to acquit him. Like a record store clerk asked to lift up Jay-Z’s debut album, the prosecution’s flimsy case raises reasonable doubt. Read carefully. Most people think that the alleged order of events is […]

Soul-Patrol Chat 12/14/2004-Ms. Hughes

INTRODUCTION: Nightrain: That’s fantastic, the more the merrier, should be Autumn: What’s up? I can’t wait to chat with Ms. Hughes; this chat is major news… Nightrain: Tonight’s chat session will officially start at 10 pm est, When Geraldine Hughes arrives but I’m glad to see all of you here so early :)…My name is […]

Jordan Chandler

This article comes from the floacist’s blog. The civil portion of the Chandler case against Jackson was mutually settled with the payment of an undisclosed amount of money. In a legal court document filed in court on March 22, 2005, it was stated that Jackson’s insurance carrier ultimately negotiated and paid the full settlement amount[2]. […]