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I’m announcing to fans of Michael Jackson that I’m asking for “Video
Messages to Michael” of 30 seconds or under to include in the “Extras”
section of my new DVD documentary “Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of
Neverland”. I’ll plan on giving a special copy of the DVD, with the
messages, to Michael when it’s complete.
I’ll accept any message to Michael that doesn’t exceed 30 seconds (as long
as it’s not something unfriendly). Video messages can be posted to any
YouTube site (or other easily downloadable site). Once the video message
has been posted, please send a link to me at my email address,
larry@nimmer.net and I’ll download it to include on the DVD. You can also
email me video files that are .mov or .wmv. I’ll plan on using the first
100 messages that I receive, up to the deadline of May 28, 2009.
FYI, I hope to have the DVD available for sale starting June, 2009. My
current plans are to have it available to purchase on Amazon and I’ll be
donating 10% of the profits to a Michael Jackson charity. Everybody who
sends me a video message will be notified when the DVD is for sale.
My documentary, “Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland”, is a positive view of Michael Jackson.
As I worked for the MJ defense team during his 2005 trial, I have an insider’s view of the unfounded charges
against Michael.
You can find a couple of articles about my work for Jackson at
And a review of my new documentary at


The documentary portrays the molestation charges and shows how the jury, and others, found them to be false.
The documentary is also an inside look at Neverland which was created as a place for young people to escape their everyday problems and simply enjoy themselves.
The documentary also takes a look at Michael’s career and the man behind the headlines.
I look forward to getting your messages.
Best wishes,
Larry Nimmer

Thanx to Larry!


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