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Michael Jackson concerts may face

 legal challenge

Tue May 12, 2009 4:15am
By Alex Dobuzinskis
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A music promoter plans to sue to block Michael Jackson from performing in London this year, claiming that a contract signed by the “king of pop” prevents him from giving a concert until July 2010, the head of the promotion company said on Monday.

New Jersey-based AllGood Entertainment Inc contends it signed an agreement in November with Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo, committing the singer to perform in July 2010 along with his brothers from the Jackson Five and sister Janet Jackson.

Under the agreement, Michael Jackson cannot give another concert until that Jackson Family reunion show, said Patrick Allocco, managing partner at AllGood Entertainment.

AllGood Entertainment sent a cease and desist letter to DiLeo and to concert promoter AEG Live, which has signed Jackson to perform a series of 50 shows at London’s 02 Arena starting in July, Allocco said. In the letter, AllGood Entertainment warned that its agreement with DiLeo barred Jackson from performing the London shows for AEG Live.

A source at AEG Live acknowledged the company had been contacted and called AllGood’s claims meaningless. The source said rehearsals in Los Angeles are continuing in preparation for the July shows at the 02.

A representative for Jackson did not return calls.

Allocco said his company’s plans to sue in federal court come after failed attempts to negotiate with Jackson and reach a deal to allow the London shows to go ahead.

“As of right now we’ve gotten zero cooperation from anyone, Frank DiLeo refuses to honor our agreement and that’s why we’re filing a lawsuit by week’s end,” Allocco said.

AllGood Entertainment said that its one-time concert featuring Michael Jackson is scheduled for July 3, 2010, at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. The concert would be available as a pay-per-view event over the Internet, Allocco said.

Jackson could make up to $30 million for the show, Allocco said.

“Thirty million for one show is unheard of, that’s why we’re so frustrated,” he said. “Frank DiLeo is standing in our way. AEG has been constantly frustrating our ability to get this show.”

Jackson’s series of concerts in London also have been touted as unprecedented. AEG has said that, all together, the shows will gather the biggest audience ever to see an artist in one city.

Source: Reuters



may 15 2009

In an official statement issued today The Jacksons (Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy Jackson) have denied they were in any way involved with a proposed Jackson 5 reunion concert in Texas on the third of July claimed this week by New Jersey concert promoters AllGood Entertainment.

According to The Jacksons’ manager, Danny O’Donovan, the original members of the Jackson 5, and younger brother, Randy, who later joined Michael and his older brothers performing as The Jacksons, were never approached about participating in the purported Texas concert event with Michael and sister, Janet.

The Jacksons have said they will support Michael in fighting any legal action brought by AllGood Entertainment with regard to the promoter’s claim about a concert in Texas Stadium on July 3. O’Donovan said “There is absolutely no merit in this claim, and we had no knowledge of any contract, with anyone, for a so-called family tour reunion. In fact, The Jacksons were never even approached about it and no offer was ever made to them.”

All of the Jackson brothers are thrilled that Michael is returning to the live stage this summer and are totally in support of his historic 50 concert run at London’s O2 Arena. They eagerly look forward to seeing and enjoying his “This Is It!” concert event.
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Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (310) 285 6000
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Fax: (310) 285 0016
Email: DODEntGroup@aol.com”



For Immediate Release

Contact: Ladd Biro, Champion Management

972.724.3039; lbiro@championmgt.com

AllGood CEO Reaffirms Commitment to Jacksons Show

Allocco still believes “Michael Jackson is a man of his word”

Morristown, NJ (June 2, 2009)

Responding to several conflicting reports and

mischaracterizations circulating in the media, Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Entertainment, reiterated his desire to produce the Jackson Family Reunion concert with Michael Jackson and his siblings.

“Let me say this as clearly and unequivocally as I possibly can,” said Allocco. “I have spoken with Michael Jackson and I believe that he is an honorable man. A man of his word. I look forward to working with him and his entire family on the historic show we have been planning for more than a year.”

“Unlike so many characters in Michael’s past, we’re trying to put money – big money –pockets, not take money per the contract we executed with his manager late last year, and there will be no need for lawyers.”



The Jackson Family Reunion Concert is scheduled for July 3, 2010, at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.



June 10, 2009



New Jersey-based concert promoter, AllGood Entertainment, Inc., filed suit today

in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, against pop star,

Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Jackson’s Manager, Frank Dileo.

The suit alleges that the defendants violated the plaintiff’s non-compete clause, part

of an agreement with Jackson, entered into by Jackson’s current manager, Dileo, in

November of 2008. According to AllGood’s attorney, Ira Meyerowitz, of the law

firm of Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, “Dileo and the Jacksons must be held

accountable for violating plaintiff’s rights under a contract which was signed two

full months prior to AEG’s 02 London agreement.” (Michael) Jackson had made

repeated assurances that he wished to perform the disputed concert after the star

returned from his London shows. “When pressed to commit on a date, Jackson and

Dileo both reneged,” Meyerowitz said.

“This is a case where the little guy followed the rules and was pushed aside by

industry giants AEG and the Jacksons for the promise of bigger money and

movies,” AEG’s President, Randy Phillips it is known, took part in a secret

meeting a few weeks ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he indicated that he had

$30 million tied up in Michael Jackson already and that no other promoter was

going to interfere with AEG. Phillips is said to have added that Jackson doesn’t

even want to do their (AllGood’s) pay-per-view show broadcast.

“Jackson and the other defendants’ actions,” Meyerowitz continued, “appear to be

part of a broader pattern of entering into legally binding agreements with

companies and individuals and then backing out without just cause.” The

defendants actions are said to have cost the plaintiff millions of dollars.

Founded in 2002, AllGood Entertainment, Inc. is a promoter of live concert events

which feature internationally known and acclaimed attractions ranging in ethnic

diversity from rock acts, adult contemporary artists and comedians to Latin, R&B,

Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Old School artists.

Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, is a New York based law firm specializing in contract

litigation. Ira Meyerowitz can be reached for comment at (212) 686-7006 and Jon

Jekielek may also be reached at (212) 686-7008.

Contact: Ren Grevatt Associates – (973) 785-4201


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