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How Could Conrad Murray Meet Jackson in 2006?

Sunday, July 05, 2009
By Roger Friedman

We continue to read stories about Michael Jackson’s live-in doctor, Conrad Murray.

Murray’s attorney and others around him insist that the doctor met Jackson in Las Vegas in 2006. They say one of Jackson’s children was ill, and that the doctor was called. Out of the blue.

But the timeline is wrong: Jackson was not in the United States in 2006. He left Los Angeles for Bahrain in June 2005. He didn’t return until December 23, 2006. On that day Jackson brought his family to Las Vegas from Ireland, where he’d been after a stay in France following more than a year in Bahrain.

Could Murray have met Jackson during the last week of 2006? Even that’s doubtful. After checking out his new home and celebrating Christmas, Jackson went to Augusta, Georgia, on December 30th for James Brown’s funeral.

What’s more, sources from Jackson’s camp at that time say none of the children were ill. “And if they were, why would he call a cardiologist?” asks one insider. “A pediatrician, yes.”

So the mystery remains about Dr. Murray: who introduced him to Jackson? And why?

source: http://www.showbiz411.com/conrad-murray-michael-jackson-meet-doctor


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