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Whom do you trust?

They say

1) MJ was excited about the shows

2) MJ was healthy and aware

3) MJ was ready for 50 shows

4) they didn’t know about the drugs

5) his energy was up and rehearsals were great

Ortega twittered away about it, DiLeo keeps repeating it on interviews, AEG/Phillips never claimed anything different.

Do you believe them?

If you do, please answer the following questions:

1) how could MJ appear healthy and aware when a cocktail of benzodiazepins plus anesthesia was pumped into his veins every night for 6 weeks (Murray), and when he was visiting a doctor during the day that admitted to give him demerol (Klein)

2) how could he appear healthy to those close to him when in pictures he looked more thin and spaced out by the week

3) how could they think he would be ready for 50 shows, 3 per week, when all the above was happening

If you can’t answer these questions, then tell us, whom can you trust? Not Dileo, not Ortega, not AEG…

so maybe, just maybe, you want to start asking the same questions yourself, and most of all, ask, why are they ALL lying now?

Emma 71


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