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Court documents confirm Michael Jackson died from Propofol

The mystery of Michael Jackson’s sudden death may finally be resolved. According to a newly unsealed search warrant affidavit from Houston, L.A. County coroner’s officials found lethal levels of the anesthetic propofol in the singer’s system. His physician Conrad Murray told detectives he had been administrating the drug for weeks to treat Jackson’s insomnia.

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Murray was not the first to give the singer propofol however: it has been revealed that two German doctors had given him the drug before as well as a Las Vegas doctor named David Adams.

In the six weeks leading up to his death, Jackson would receive about 50 milligrams of propofol through an intravenous line according to the affidavit. Murray lowered the dosage to 25 milligrams and mixed it with two other sedatives (lorazepam and midazolam) out of concern of Jackson’s increased dependence.

On the morning on Jackson’s death, Murray used propofol to attempt to put the singer to sleep. At 1:30 am, he gave Jackson some valium before injecting lorazepam half an hour later. At 3 a.m., Jackson was still awake so Murray gave him midazolam. He continued to administer more drugs over the next few hours. At 10:40 am, Jackson demanded propofol so Murray gave him 25 milligrams of the drug. He left the singer’s side to make telephone calls to his Houston office and to family members but found Jackson not breathing on his return. The news was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

“The Jackson family has full confidence in the legal process, and commends the ongoing efforts of the L.A. County Coroner, the LA District Attorney at the Los Angeles Police Department,” said a statement released through the Jackson family’s rep. “The family looks forward to the day that justice can be served.”

Source: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/09/exclusive-da-likely-send-case-against-dr-murray-grand-jury


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