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Here we are.

Statement from Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.
I am personally going to put a stop to all of the threats on my life and the
threats against my family.
I am now bringing out to the public all of the credible evidence in my
possession on the corruption in Los Angeles Law Enforcement pertaining
to the Michael Jackson Investigation. I am going to personally stop all of
the threats from the LAPD on my life and the threats against my family.
These are occurring because those members of law enforcement know
that I possess abundant incriminating evidence that is going to put a lot of
people in prison.
I am not going to allow and will expose those people who are colluding
together, such as Diane Dimond of Entertainment Tonight, with the police
to use false documents to threaten me, obstruct my independent
investigation into Michael’s death and to stop me from providing evidence
to the proper authorities.
All of the people that have been threatening my family and I that I have
incriminating evidence on are going to be exposed with this evidence in
the public eye so they will stop their attempts on my life that I have been
experiencing for too long. For me to wait for the slow wheels of
government investigations to catch on and bring these people to justice is
no longer feasible.
Colin Powell is a friend of mine. I have already called his house and left a
message for him. I am asking him to engage a congressional investigation
into all of the LAPD and Los Angeles Sherriff Department Law
Enforcement Corruption in Los Angeles that is taking place in the Michael
Jackson and other important investigations that is ruining our city. I want a
Congressional Committee to subpoena these people, put them under
oath, gather credible evidence for a good District Attorney, and bring them
to proper justice. I have already asked Bob Woodward to report on this
matter in the Washington Post.
I am going to put an end to these threats now. I owe it to my family. I owe
it to myself. But, most of all, I owe it to the public who always wants to
know the truth and especially the truth about what happened to Michael
In reference to yesterday’s lawsuit filed against me by Dr. Arnold Klein, I
am established Government Witness in the Michael Jackson Death
Investigation. It is my clear opinion that Dr. Arnold Klein and his attorneys
are attempting to prevent me from discussing incriminating evidence that I
possess on Dr. Klein. They know that I have provided this evidence to the
authorities. They also know that credible, incriminating evidence is going
to be shortly released in my book. In my opinion and that of others, they
desperately want me to stop any further investigation and to stop providing
the public and the authorities the evidence that I acquire.
It is my opinion that Dr. Klein is using a letter with falsified information sent
to him by Howard Weitzman, Esq. In July 2009, I was asked to have a
privileged meeting with Mr. Weitzman and another attorney. I shared
incriminating evidence that I possessed on Dr. Klein and that he was
under investigation by multiple agencies of the Department of Justice. Mr.
Weitzman told me that he would neither talk with Dr. Klein, would not
provide him any defense, nor would he assist his defense attorneys.
On August 1st, 2009, after that privileged legal meeting, Mr. Weitzman
prepared a letter with false information to Dr. Klein’s defense attorney, Mr.
Charnley, in an attempt to discredit me. The false information in his letter
was known to be false by both he and Mr. John Branca. Mr. Weitzman
had told me he had discussed it with Mr. Branca. Mr. Weitzman falsely
stated that I had no permission nor right to talk about Michael or his
mother. H also stated that he and Mr. Branca did not condone me
providing evidence to the public about Dr. Klein’s criminal activities, that
may have actually contributed to Michael’s death, the very person who’s
estate they now represent.
Shortly after the publication of his letter containing false information, I had
left Katherine Jackson’s home, and Mr. Weitzman, my wife and I had a
telephone conversation. We requested that he provide a corrected letter
to Mr. Charnley, to the media who requested a correction, and to send a
copy to me. He already had the hand-written and signed consents from
both Michael Jackson in March 1999 giving me permission to publically
discuss his medical records and from Katherine and Rebbie Jackson from
July 18, 2009 giving me permission to talk with the media about Michael.
He told me that he had discussed the issue with Mr. Branca and that both
of them agreed to provide me, Mr. Charnley and the media with a
corrected letter. Both of them failed to do this despite having documents
proving the information in Mr. Weitzman’s letter was false.
On July 24th, 2009, I had corresponded about the issue of slander and
defamation with one of Dr. Klein’s lawyers, Mr. Boyer. I invited Dr. Klein
and Mr. Boyer to sit down with me and go over all of the evidence that I
had on Dr. Klein’s criminal activities and that I would delete anything that
they proved to be false. I never heard back from them. His client, Dr.
Klein, also had knowledge of my being given consents by Michael
Jackson and by Katherine and Rebbie Jackson to discuss Michael and his
medical records.
Dr. Klein, all of his attorneys Richard Charnley, Bradley Boyer, Susan
Wootton and the firm “Ropers, Majestic, Kohn, and Bentley” together with
Howard Weitzman and now apparently John Branca knew of the falsity of
Weitzman’s letter, yet are attempting to use it in their attempts to bring a
frivolous lawsuit against me, obstruct my testimony, and to discredit me.
With this evidence, I have contacted the Attorney General of California,
Jerry Brown. I expect that he will put a stay on this lawsuit because he
would never allow a court to proceed in an action that would obstruct one
of their primary witnesses (myself) in a federal investigation. In addition, I
expect that he will now open an additional investigation into probable
felonies that all of these individuals have committed in attempting to
obstruct justice, intimidating a government witness with a document that is
known to be false, and possibly other crimes.
I believe that with this evidence, I now have a legal standing to bring a
lawsuit against all of them, which I certainly will, for possible felonies
committed against me.
I am going to start providing the media and Michael Jackson’s fans all of
the evidence that I have involving the Michael Jackson Death
Investigation, the Corrupt Los Angeles Law Enforcement, and others
colluding together to obstruct Justice. If anyone wants to file another
slander and defamation suit, I suggest that they send a copy directly to the
Attorney General of California Jerry Brown.
Those trying to hurt my family and I should stop because all of the
evidence that we possess will not be with us but with the public.
Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.
Steven M. Hoefflin, MD, FACS
Immediate Past President
Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons


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