THIS IS NOT IT Press Release

Contact: thetruth4MJ@gmail.com
Website: http://www.this-is-not-it.com

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf5v5OhgbOQ

RE: An awareness Campaign concerning This Is It, a movie produced by AEG and distributed by Columbia Pictures, featuring Michael Jackson’s last rehearsals for the This Is It tour.

AEG contributed to Michael’s death by pressuring him to commit to a grueling rehearsal schedule in the run-up to the This Is It tour

IN MID MAY When Michael began to suffer from insomnia, stress and exhaustion, tour promoters AEG put a doctor on its payroll to help him sleep.

IN LATE MAY When Michael expressed serious doubts about his ability to commit to AEG’s tour schedule, AEG denied the reports and kept him more isolated from the outside world.

IN EARLY JUNE When Michael started missing rehearsals, crew members went to his house to cajole him into going to work.

IN THE LAST DAYS OF HIS LIFE Michael’s weight dropped considerably. When he began turning up to rehearsals drowsy and incoherent as a result of powerful medication, AEG turned a blind eye to his condition and kept pushing him to perform. It was evident to everyone around him that Michael needed help but neither AEG nor his entourage intervened.

ON JUNE 25 The doctor paid by AEG to keep Michael functional injected a cocktail of sedatives into Michael’s body, followed by a lethal dose of Propofol, a powerful anestethic. He then waited at least 90 minutes after Michael stopped breathing to call the paramedics.

IN EARLY JULY Had Michael gone to London as planned, he would have most likely succumbed to the pressure and exhaustion and called off the tour, leaving AEG in dire financial straits. Instead AEG now stand to make millions from this movie and related merchandise.

Michael Jackson is dead because of one act by a doctor paid by AEG to negate the severe psychological and physical strain the preparation for this tour caused.

THIS IS IT is a movie made by AEG, full of slick edits, visual effects, Michael Jackson 3D body doubles and interviews with people on AEG’s payroll spouting lies. This movie will give a censored, skewered and ultimately false impression of Michael in the last days of his life.

WE ARE friends and fans of Michael, including some who were with him the last weeks, of his life. We wish to expose all those responsible for Michael’s death by publishing testimonies of those of us around him in his last weeks and by staging flyers hand-outs at some of the This Is It movie premiers around the world.

Know the truth. Visit: http://www.This-Is-Not-It.com


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3 comments on “THIS IS NOT IT Press Release

  1. Please note that a person can experience symptoms similar to drug usage when they are rapidly losing weight from not eating. These symptoms include feeling cold and being confused and weak and having no energy. Please do not assume his symptoms were from drug usage. You might be mistaken!

  2. Well, I saw “This Is It” last night and Michael appeared the polar opposite of what you all are describing. I think you’re all a little touched in the head.

  3. Fans are deeply saddened by Michael’s passing.
    If he died of old age, his death would be understood, but this was not the case.

    I agree that there is more truth than is given and his fans are doing a great job of fighting for justice. It is truly amazing.

    Even non-fans are finding out more about Michael and are appreciating him as an artist.

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