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Reputed Mobster Al Malnik Says He’s Executor of Michael Jackson’s Will and “Blanket”‘s New Dad

See video in the link below….

Al Malnik, a wealthy Miami businessman who has alleged ties with the mob, appeared on the “Today Show” this morning to discuss his “friendship” with Michael Jackson.

In an interview with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira, Malnik said he is not the biological father of his godson and Jackson’s third child, Prince Michael II, better known as Blanket.

Malnik, a lawyer and restaurateur, once had ties to mobster Meyer Lansky, and made a fortune in a short-term loan business. He also has alleged connection to notorious con man Joel Steinger. Read more about Malnik’s Mafia past here.

Malnik has reportedly said in the past that he is Blanket’s biological father and also the executor of Jackson’s estate. He now denies both statements.

“Of course I’m not the biological father,” he told Vieira. On being asked if he would get involved in the disposal of the estate, Malnik replied,

“Only if I’m asked to, and if it were court-authorized or Jackson-family authorized.”

Malnik also revealed intimate photos and exclusive videos of Jackson and his children in happy moments at Malnik’s palatial home in Ocean Ridge, Fla.

Source: http://celebglitz.com/36968/TV/al-malnik-mob-godfather-of-blanket-today-show-video.aspx


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One comment on “Reputed Mobster Al Malnik Says He’s Executor of Michael Jackson’s Will and “Blanket”‘s New Dad

  1. MJ is their dad in every single way! They all look so much like him!! I really wish people would leave MJs children alone!

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