Tini new statement-press release on TII DVD.

January 26th, 2010


During these last few months since Michael Jackson’s death, it has become
apparent to us, his many loyal fans, that our beloved Michael was physically
and emotionally strained, under great stress and pressure caused by the
preparation for his comeback to the stage, until his life was suddenly cut
short. It is our goal to inform the world that this huge tragedy could have
been prevented.

We have confirmed testimony from many of Michael’s partners and friends who
said publicly how they were worried about Michael’s continuous physical
decline especially during the period preceding his death. This condition was
exploited by those who wanted to control Michael and by the criminal
doctors. Instead of helping him, they ultimately killed him.

We do not wish to undermine nor replace the proper channels of all of those
who are investigating this murder, but after so many difficult grieving
months, we would like to see the ones responsible for this tragedy be
charged for their wrongful misconduct.
For this reason, we’ve created a Petition addressed to the LAPD (Los Angeles
Police Department):


Following the release of TII DVD on Jan. 26th, we would like to invite all
of you, either fans or general public, to take time and really think about
what happened during the months preceding Michael’s sudden death. Isn´t it
time to stop all this exploitation?

Michael Jackson was a Man, a human being, before he ever was an entertainer,
dancer or larger than life. He was also a father of 3 who was loved by
millions of fans who understood and loved him for his compassion and warmth.
We, his fans, have been feeling empty and speechless since June 25th, but we
are not powerless and now we are looking for real TRUTH and JUSTICE in this
unfolding story of our loss.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that all T.I.N.I. (This Is Not It)
staff members will not buy the TII DVD, instead we will donate money in the
amount of the dvd price to people and children who really need it: those who
have been hit by the appalling earthquake in Haiti.

T.I.N.I staff members will also donate particularly to these worldwide
associations already operating in Haiti since January 12th, 2010




In doing so, we will send the same message (that Michael taught us all,
during his short life) to the entire world: A message of Love and Peace.
We’ll keep on working on this from our hearts and souls and won’t stop until
Justice is done>>! *

Regards T.I.N.I. (This Is NOT It)







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