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We, at TINI, started our Campaign in order to inform the public of certain circumstances regarding the last days of Michael Jackson’s life. Through our testimonies, we tried to present OUR truth, as we have personally witnessed, and in the process, we even left ourselves vulnerable to attacks from the public.

It’s unbelievable that after 9 months since Michael’s life was suddenly cut short, those responsible for this criminal act have not yet been punished as they deserve:

Firstly, Conrad Robert Murray, the so-called Doctor, who, instead of helping Michael, took advantage of Michael’s situation and took money for administering inappropriate medications that culminated in his injecting Michael with a lethal dose of powerful anesthetic that definitely killed him. We believe that Murray should be appropriately charged with 2nd degree murder at the very least.

Secondly, all the people who, through omission or commission for their own profit or otherwise, neglected, condoned and facilitated dangerous, reckless or illegal conduct that ultimately led to the death of Michael Jackson, or who have any knowledge of this murder but choose to unlawfully keep their silence. We believe that timely and thorough investigations must be done to bring about appropriate charges.

We, at TINI, refuse to be a part of this silenced truth: that’s why we have decided to come out once again to start a new awareness campaign called “TINI for JUSTICE.”

Our aims:

1. Provide our first-hand information and testify to the appropriate authorities in the case.

2. Provide OUR OWN timeline, comparing it with all the false information that has been circulating in and around the media and even in the testimonies of those involved in the criminal charge.

3. Show our support unconditionally and peacefully at every event in order to obtain justice for Michael.

4. Protect, preserve, and continue to spread Michael’s legacy around the World: TRUTH, JUSTICE, PEACE and LOVE.

Please be advised that members of TINI do NOT encourage, support, or engage in any kind of violent or hateful actions.

We explicitly distance ourselves from any such actions as they do NOT represent our campaign. Anyone who is promoting violence and hate does NOT act on behalf of TINI.


TINI (This Is Not It) for JUSTICE


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