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May 17 2006

POP singer Mariah Carey has been linked to the latest mob scandal to rock America.

An undercover agent has claimed in court that Mariah and her ex-husband, Sony Records chief Tommy Mottola, used to wine and dine with a leading Mafia boss.

FBI agent Joaquin Manuel Garcia has been dubbed the modern Donnie Brasco after infiltrating the New York mobs.

He fooled gangsters into thinking he was Goodfella wannabe Jack Falcone.

Garcia claims Greg DePalma, a 74-year-old alleged acting capo for New York’s feared Gambino family, brought him into the mob.

He said DePalma bragged about his dinners with Mariah and Mottola at Valbella restaurant, a five-star eatery in Greenwich, Connecticut, which the mob were allegedly shaking down for protection money.

On the secretly recorded tape, DePalma described Carey as “very nice, very quiet, reserved”.

A mob informant, Peter Forchetti, then chimed in: “She looks nice now. She looks unbelievable.”

DePalma bragged that he forced the restaurant boss to let another mobster dine for free -the bill included an $11,000 bottle of Chateau Lafitte.

He also boasted that he forced the restaurateur to give him seven bottles of equally expensive wine for his doctor.

Garcia is being compared to Donnie Brasco, the former FBI agent who infiltrated the mob and became the subject of a 1997 movie starring Johnny Depp.

He is testifying in a closed Manhattan federal courtroom against DePalma, who is charged with racketeering.

A spokesman for Mottola denied that he had ever met the accused mobster.

A spokesman for Carey did not return calls.

The trial continues.

Source: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/2006/05/17/mariah-s-dinners-with-the-mafia-86908-17089040/


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