Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston pay tribute to Michael

Stevie Wonder with John Legend “The Way You Make Me Feel” Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 25TH Anniversary Performance. Whitney Houston  Moscow 09/12/09 Advertisements

Stevie Wonder pays tribute to Michael Jackson-speech from Montreal Jazz festival

Adrian Grant: ‘Jacko was a normal guy’

When Adrian Grant, 40, launched a Michael Jackson fanzine, little did he know he would go on to befriend his hero. A producer of Thriller Live, he is also the author of Michael Jackson – A Visual Documentary, Tribute Edition (Omnibus, £19.95), out now Was the coverage around Michael’s death over the top? At the […]

Paul Theroux on Michael Jackson

Paul Theroux Published: 11:22PM BST 27 Jun 2009 I heard the news today, oh boy, that Michael Jackson had a heart attack – and died of cardiac arrest, at the age of 50, in Los Angeles. I am reminded of a long conversation I had with him at four o’clock one morning, and of my […]