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Michael Jackson, Dr. Tohme, Elvis Presley and the Las Vegas Doctor to the Stars’ “Sleep Diet” – Part Two

October 20, 2009 By LBG1 In Part One, we outlined the ties between Dr. Tohme R. Tohme and Sig Rogich, one of the three “principals” in Tohme’s TRW Advertising. It was through those ties that we discovered the “tie” between Sig Rogich and Dr. Elias Ghanem, “Las Vegas’ Doctor to the Stars”, a doctor that […]

Michael Jackson, Dr. Tohme, Elvis Presley and the Las Vegas’ Doctor to the Stars’ “Sleep Diet” Part One

October 20, 2009 By LBG1 Of all the characters surrounding Michael Jackson’s final months and death, Dr. Tohme R. Tohme, Jackson’s self-proclaimed “unpaid adviser”, “business manager”, and “spokesperson” still remains a “mysterious” figure with a “murky” past. While it’s been established that Tohme has ties to Jermaine Jackson and Colony Capital and its founder, Tom […]

In The News: Colony Capital May “Throw Their Hat Into The Ring” To Stop Julien’s Auctions Sale of Michael Jackson Property

March 30, 2009 by Jason DeBord Fox 411′s Roger Freidman, who has been out in front with the developments concerning Julien’s Auctions event and Michael Jackson’s efforts to stop it, today reports that Colony Capital may also take steps to halt the sale of Jackson’s personal property and memorabilia. Dr. Tohme Tohme, President of Michael […]

statement about malicious informations about Tini

It has come to our attention that completely false and malicious information is being circulated against the This-Is-Not-It (TINI) campaign. Please be advised that members of TINI do NOT encourage, support, or engage in any kind of violent or hateful actions. We explicitly distance ourselves from any such actions as they do NOT represent our […]

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