People of state of California Vs Conrad Murray

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if u are looking for the california’s law codes (regarding Conrad Murray’s trial) u can find  them here Advertisements

Propofol Abuse Among Doctors and Nurses

Michael Jackson’s death has made the drug propofol—a powerful anesthesia usually only used in hospital settings—a household name, but it has also raised awareness of the growing problem of propofol abuse among doctors and nurses. reports that days before Michael Jackson’s death—which was caused by a lethal amount of propofol—the American Association of Nurse […]

Murray’s license on ca medical board

Is Murray’ license suspanded in ca(california)?? Well according to the website it seems so: here u can read the document on 01/19/11 (for the 01/11/11) for the ca medical board. Then I (zeromarcy)decided decided to call the medical board today, i called them 2 times. for the first call  i have to say that i […]

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hi everyone. we want to inform you that from today u can read everything about the People of state of California Vs Conrad Murray’s case on this page people-of-the-state-of-california-vs-conrad-murray