Chandler Suicide Highlights Media Bias Against Jackson

When it emerged yesterday that two weeks go Evan Chandler, father of Jordan Chandler, shot himself in the head, few tears were shed despite the media’s best efforts to eulogise him.Most media outlets are touting Chandler as ‘the father of the boy who accused Jackson of child molestation’. Wrong. Chandler was the father who accused […]

CELEBRITY SCALES: Michael Jackson, the Wounded Messenger: Star-Studded Legal Commentary for the Celebrity Obsessed

By Matt Semino, ESQ. • on July 18, 2009 With the mask finally removed, her tearful goodbye humanized him in the eyes of millions of adoring fans and even skeptical detractors across the globe.  Paris Jackson was the poignant conclusion to her father Michael’s celebrated memorial service.  At the same time, her few words served […]

Michael Jackson Jordan Chandler Molestation Extortion Scheme

Summary of Witness testimony

Source: cbsnews 3/1 Martin Bashir Jurors watched the British documentary that sparked the case against Jackson, then heard testimony from its maker, British journalist Martin Bashir. On cross-examination by the defense, Bashir refused to answer dozens of questions and his attorney, Theodore Boutrous Jr., repeatedly invoked California’s shield law for reporters and the First Amendment, […]

Interview: Geraldine Hughes speaks out in support of Michael Jackson

Monday, February 02, 2004
This is a partial transcript from The O’Reilly Factor, January 30, 2004.

Soul-Patrol Chat 12/14/2004-Ms. Hughes

INTRODUCTION: Nightrain: That’s fantastic, the more the merrier, should be Autumn: What’s up? I can’t wait to chat with Ms. Hughes; this chat is major news… Nightrain: Tonight’s chat session will officially start at 10 pm est, When Geraldine Hughes arrives but I’m glad to see all of you here so early :)…My name is […]

Jordan Chandler

This article comes from the floacist’s blog. The civil portion of the Chandler case against Jackson was mutually settled with the payment of an undisclosed amount of money. In a legal court document filed in court on March 22, 2005, it was stated that Jackson’s insurance carrier ultimately negotiated and paid the full settlement amount[2]. […]