Elizabeth I love you

We just read now that Dame Elizabeth has died…and we are really speechless.

She was  the REAL TRUE FRIEND OF MICHAEL, a wonderful person and a great artist.

Dame Elizabeth: We’ll miss you so much.


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by zeromarcy

Happy Birthday dear Prince

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Hijacking the Jackson Estate


Part 2

Murray’s license on ca medical board

Is Murray’ license suspanded in ca(california)??

Well according to the website it seems so:

here u can read the document on 01/19/11 (for the 01/11/11) for the ca medical board.

Then I (zeromarcy)decided decided to call the medical board today, i called them 2 times.

for the first call  i have to say that i didn’t recorded it, but i made a “vocal” summary of what the operator told me.

for the second i did record it partially (because i couldn’t record everything the operator told me on “Live-voice”).

Btw they both confirmed it was suspended on 01/11/11.


Update: TODAY 01/22/11  i ‘ve decided to put online the summary of the first call, and the second call.

PLEASE IF U’LL POST THEM give credit to us, or at least tell us where u’ll post them.

1) the summary


2)the second call


Sorry for my bad english and for some phrases like “u made my day”…it’s me…and it’s because i was TOTALY out of  control at the end.


Update 01/24/11

it seems that the MEDICALBOARD asked on date  June/14/11 to judge Pastor to prohbite the defendant from practing medicine


new page

hi everyone.

we want to inform you that from today u can read everything about the People of state of California Vs Conrad Murray’s case on this page


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