Ray Chandler’s SUBPOENA. Scared to death by the need to prove his lies in court

July 21, 2010 Guys, we are starting really serious business which will require our full attention now. The matter I’m referring to is Ray Chandler’s subpoena by Michael Jackson’s defense team and his refusal to testify at the 2005 trial. Since some people are new here I see that this announcement does not ring a […]

Murray based in LV…Joe based in LV. Michael signed the contract with AEG in LV….So much LV going on.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Gordon_(entertainment_manager) ….something went on, in my opinion. Look at the coincidences: Tom Barrak is lebanese and Tohme is lebanese….

Michael Jackson & Al Malnik, Mafia Successor to Meyer Lansky

St. Louis connection to Michael Jackson: Attorney Alvin Malnik By Deb Peterson St. Louis Post-Dispatch TWO DEGREES OF SEPARATION: South Florida kingpin and St. Louis native, Alvin I. Malnik, 76, has been getting a lot of face time since Michael Jackson’s death. Malnik — a product of Clark Elementary School, Soldan High and Wash U. […]

Oh, no..HE did it….

open and open and open… http://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?v1=10&ti=1,10&SC=Author&SA=MJ%20Publishing%20Trust%2E&PID=VlTAjCCkcUE92_6eqL-et2esfquOjq&SEQ=20100722203531&SID=10 see.. This list contains titles in document V3504D065 Document title: (I took an) overdose & 766 other titles; compositions. The complete document is: V3504 D065 P1-45 ——————————————————————————– List of titles: 001 Time for livin’ / By Sylvester Stewart, Miles Kelly & Noah Evans. 002 Time for livin’ time for […]

oh, no..they REALLY DID it!

June 30, 2010 – Michael, Novel, Mottola, Malnik and Bandier – What Really Happened? People have mentioned the name of Gordon Novel before, but until today never really did any digging in his direction. Novel visited Michael Jackson at his “Neverland” Ranch back in 2005, during Michael’s trial. Reference That article tells a story from […]

oh, no…He DID it.

DiLeo, an Italian American, is a native of East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.[1] He began his career in the music industry in the late 1960s, shortly after high school, as a rack jobber (distributing records to retail stores) in Pittsburgh. Following a number of brief, higher-profile jobs, he was hired as a promotion staffer in Cleveland […]

Oh, no…they DID it…

Home News MARIAH’S ‘DINNERS WITH THE MAFIA’ May 17 2006 POP singer Mariah Carey has been linked to the latest mob scandal to rock America. An undercover agent has claimed in court that Mariah and her ex-husband, Sony Records chief Tommy Mottola, used to wine and dine with a leading Mafia boss. FBI agent Joaquin […]